Sunday, September 8, 2013

That Post About My Kids...

Here's that blog post where I decide to talk about my kids. It's also where I inadvertently leave out extremely important information about them and regret it later.

Sehara; My Girl; Sugar: She's a self-starter. She gets things done, almost obsessively. She relies heavily on a set schedule, minute by minute. She organizes her clothes in outfits, and folds them as so, or hangs them up as so. She'd put them all in ziploc bags but that's expensive and not very green. She likes to watch t.v. and loves curling up in a blanket during movies.
She's a reader. She can read for days and days, until her body tells her to get up and move... When she reads, she no longer wants a schedule and reluctantly does anything. She needs food, all the time. She has to know that she has food available.
She loves her siblings, deeply, and tries to whisk them away to her room, lay them (Madeline, because Carson is too active) next to her on her bed and read to them or silently. They always fall asleep.
She's a social butterfly, but has a hard time understanding that her friend's have other friends. She loves to spend the night with people. LOVES IT. She feels at home most at my parent's house. It's her house.
She's smart, but has to work on empathy. 
She's an eavesdropper and then will play coy and ask you a question pertaining to what you just talked about to confirm a plan.
She has a freckled nose and hazel eyes. Gorgeous. 
She has "long hair and don't care". Literally, I have to make her take care of that dang hair and I just want to chop it all off and throw it away. And stomp on the trash can with said hair inside and throw it out the window, then go get it and do it all over again. I require her to wear bows and she ditches those immediately.
Her feet stink. No matter how many times she washes them. I don't allow her to touch me with them, and I DON'T have a problem with feet. She inherited my hands and feet and I always feel bad for her because of that.
She's a teacher's pet. I love that.
She can make friends with anybody, any age.
People often ask me if she has ADHD, to which I reply "no". After extensively going to counseling (me) for parenting help, and reading certified ADHD material, no, she's not. Her behavioral issues that could be symptoms of ADHD are, in fact, direct results of inconsistent parenting from me. I did the best I could, though.
She goes to sleep when she's tired and is usually an early riser.

Carson; Poochie: My sweet love. My boy. My boy that has to have a routine, as well. He has to have everything in it's place, at all times. He must do the same thing at the same time in order to function and not have a meltdown.
He goes to bed at 8 and wakes up between 7-8:30. 
He's strong, always has been. He gets things, understands people, situations, and sees past stuff to what's really going on. He rarely can be tricked or "fooled".
He always has to have a drink.
He's anxious and has to get used to new things, then he's great at it.
He's so smart. I can't wait to see what he's going to be like later on.
He's directionally adept. You can tell him to "go get that ball over there under that pillow in the corner" and he'll do it. You can point somewhere and say look at that____ and he will, he'll see it. You can explain to him a path to take to get somewhere and draw it with your fingers in the air and he'll go that way. He's amazing.
He has the biggest brown eyes with the longest eyelashes that will melt your heart, he reminds me of Lisa Frank puppy art. He is Tim's mini-me.
He's so loud! He has always been loud, but he keeps getting louder and louder.
He loves to sing. He learns well through singing and can be caught singing whatever comes to mind throughout the day. His favorite songs are "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Jesus Loves Me".
He properly uses "Yes" and "No" words, until this past week anyways....

Madeline; Sugar Dumpling; Bunny: She's a sweet girl. She has to be motivated to do something. She's needy and will whine until her needs are met (she literally would go on and on). She'd rather sit in the middle of the floor and cry until someone picks her up than crawl over.
She can crawl, kind of.
She has to be touched by people who come in the room. When Daddy gets home from work, he HAS to go over to her and pick her up or she'll kick her legs and cry and stare at him until he physically acknowledges her. One hug and she's fine.
She has blue eyes and long lashes.  She also has my feet. Poor thing. She likes to talk and is serious about her conversations. She's always loved to make noises to people and expects noise back.
She's also serious about her food. She has to be fed, a lot. Surprisingly, she's still a little thing.
Her feet don't grow fast. She can still fit in some newborn shoes.
She's very social, but isn't quick to smile. You have to work for that. She happily wears her headband without a fuss.
She's super sensitive when it comes to people bumping into her or moving her around. If she's happy she doesn't like to be bothered. We had to adjust to having a baby who loved to be cuddled but hated being rocked.  Or jiggled.
This sugar goes to bed late and wakes up late. She'd sleep most of the day away if she could. But she's a light sleeper with a loud brother..


Missy said...

Great synopses of the children! You do have a flair for words and very sweet cute children. I love them - everyone!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

You have beautiful kids and they're lucky to have you as their mom. It will be so fun for you to go back and read this post in a few years and she how the kids have changed.