Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Kids

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Year Without Meat

I give up something every year for just a year. I get a lot of "what's the point" or "I could never do that". The point is, "I can"; I want to challenge myself without making permanent changes. So, yes, it does matter, knowing that I can have a semblance of self control for a year, a whole year, well, it's quite liberating, not to mention empowering!

I had a hard time coming up with it. I thought about giving up Facebook, but that wouldn't work with my Etsy stuff, I have already given up chocolate one year (let's face it...that was THE HARDEST). I asked Tim and he threw around a few ideas. Then I thought, why not give up t.v.? Like, the whole family gives it up!

He said no. Absolutely not. Ha! But, then he surprised me and agreed to one of my earlier suggestions: meat. The one that he so casually dismissed.

Let me tell you something about Tim. He's a meatatarian. He loves to eat meat. I really think that he is addicted to it. One of his favorite meals is this stir-fry that I make. It's like 80% beef and chicken with minimal vegetables.

I can go a long time without meat. I am really just not that interested in having a main meat meal.

Alrighty, I'm done typing "meat". It's getting weird.

So that's what we as a family are giving up. I'm personally giving up t.v. for the year. I understand there are going to be times when I have to go to the other room so the family can watch a movie, but I was really hoping that if I gave it up, the hubs and kids would follow suit and be kind not to watch it when I'm home.

So far, it has been going well. We have been lounging around the living room with blankets thrown about and books in hand.

I hope that by not watching television, or movies (or clips, videos and such), I'll be able to read 50 books this year, I'll get accomplished on Etsy and this blog!

I have been enjoying my soda -which is what I gave up last year, along with not being passive-aggressive! I would like to think that I will continue to be assertive! So, fingers crossed and mouth shut!

I want to add that I don't think this makes us vegetarians! We, of course, don't know how we're going to feel about it at the end of the year, but we DO believe animals are for eatin'! Well, not all of them...and the quality of them has gone downhill. We are going to be eating animal products still, just not the meat (or fish).

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

About Failure When You're Trying To Lose Weight

I've been doing the 21 day fix program from BeachBody (I'm sure you've seen the ads...). I've been doing really well at it! I have spent my whole days anticipating the nightly workouts, wondering how I'll respond to them. I have cut my eating a lot, fitting my meals into the little containers that come with the workout. I gulp down my Shakeology for breakfast, and it really isn't bad (though the chocolate is a little bitter). I don't really have time for the fancy recipes that come with it. I am focused on checking these things off my to do list, and changing my lifestyle.

I paid a ton of money for the program, because I knew if I spent it, I would see it through. It's as simple as that. That motivates me: not wasting money. The end. I will see it through because I paid for it!

Just under 2 weeks into the program, I popped my lateral meniscus out. I don't even know how you can pop it out? I had to go to the chiropractor 3 times in a week for him to put it back? I didn't injure myself working out, I was dancing with babies. The irony.

The first night of working out with an injured knee wasn't bad. It was a little tender but I was fine. My husband asked me to not go hardcore for fear of further injury (we didn't know what I had done at this point, this workout was the same night as the pop-out). He was right, I modified some moves and finished.

The next day I couldn't walk. I couldn't put weight on my knee. I couldn't straighten it or bend it or twist it. This is when I go to the chiro and he provides immediate relief (though it still was sore each day for 2 weeks + sliding/twisting my knee was not do-able).

I spend a lot of money for this program and I am literally not able to do more than half the workouts. I am not able to even start the cardio workouts with out getting upset because I can't do the first few moves, and I'm feeling like a fraud for using my own modifications.

I get past it and complete each of them anyway. I do. Yep. I even throw in some extra ab fix workout d.v.d.'s because I can't do the cardio and I don't feel like I'm pushing myself. But I'm feeling motivated, working real smart on these workouts, but not real hard!

Here's where the failure comes in. I gained a pound back. How? Even when I'm following the meal plan, and doing 2 workouts a night. It's not muscle gain, don't even go there. Cardio plays a huge role in weight loss for me, and it takes time. Without the cardio, it's going to be very hard for me to lose that weight.

Then, one night, I gave up. I quit. I thought that I was ready to do the cardio again, and I couldn't. I turned everything off and took a really long shower. Really long. I told myself that this isn't me. When things get tough, I work through it. I thrive when others can't complete their tasks, I step in and take charge. It's damage control, it's what I'm good at. SO WHY?

I cried, I told myself to go to bed. Then I decided that I'm not a quitter. I popped in a yoga fix d.v.d., and finished then popped in the ab fix and finished that. I had been doing upper body most nights because I see results fast, and frankly, I'm not trying to fly anywhere.

Skip forward the 2+ weeks of healing and here I am. I went for a run. It was heaven! It hurt but I pushed myself and kept going. I was relieved to be able to have the physical outlet.  I only slowed down and headed home when I felt my knee begin to get sore.

My point is, losing weight is hard. I feel like a failure most nights. It takes time, and it is not going to be easy or fast. There is no magic pill, no magic shake, no quick anything that really helps you. It's about perseverance, changing the way you look at weight loss, motivations, and self image. We all have these bodies that we are in charge of, we are responsible for what's going in them, we are responsible for how much physical activity we get; we HAVE to take care of it, MIND INCLUDED.

It takes 30 minutes, 30 MINUTES each day (heck, even less sometimes; start with 5 minutes) to shape your mind and body. That's it, just one day at a time, 30 minutes of your day. That's all.

Do it. Don't give up.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Craft Bazaar and Christmas Tree

I had a great time  at the Craft Bazaar. I was definitely NOT prepared for it though. About a month ago, I started working on bows, but then I got so busy with Etsy and work that I couldn't finish them. Tim ended up making my headband holder, and painting it. He didn't have time to build a base so it stood against the table. I covered piping in tulle and hung a banner from both sides. It fell over a few times. Whoops!

I don't have a picture of it!

I have teamed up with some BeachBody coaches to do a headband and hair-tie giveaway to women who commit to a workout group! Getting my name out there and helping other moms! I want to do collaborations with other small businesses and direct sale business ladies.

We put our Christmas tree up and it's lovely. Just lovely. Looking through all of our things that have been in storage for so long is such fun!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just What I Needed To Hear

I have some words in my heart. I dunno, do you ever just sit around and feel all antsy like you have to get up and do something or write and get it off your chest and be done with it?

So, this post isn't much of consequence, but it has to be done.

I have been craving a song lately. In my head, I can catch the last hint of sound and that one word that makes it THAT song. I heard the tail of it on the radio a few days back (what luck!). I just unpacked my c.d.'s {again} a few days back and came across all my Shawn McDonald c.d.'s! What a delight they have been! I wrote the first few sentences on this post, then had to take Carson to his room, came back downstairs, flipped the case open and there it was! The song! It's Satellites from The Dave Matthews Band. It was right there all along. Of course.

I was invited to join a Beach Body workout support group (again and again and again) and decided this time that I would try it out. I have until the end of the month to choose a program to purchase and it starts in December. I wonder if I will find one that I like? Not to mention there was someone else in the group that I don't care to see updates on. :/

That was passive aggressive. But I don't mean it to be (but it still is). I'm not taking it back, though.

I have been feeling really low lately. I have had severe headaches everyday. I think it's from my glasses. I may need to get my eyes checked again. BUT then I went without watching t.v. for 2 days and I didn't get a headache the following day. Maybe it's everything.

I have been feeling chilled to the bone today. I have not been able to get warm. I turned the thermostat up to 76, I'll leave it there for half an hour and shut the whole thing off. We have agreed to keep it low this winter. Even though I'm cold and low, winter is still my favorite!

I was telling Tim that we should put my microsuede (or some fancy name) weather curtains up around the door to keep all the cold air out. Then I told him that we'd have to take them down if anyone came over because that's kind of hillbilly.

My littles started their daycare today. I had a longer shift than usual and was relieved to see them finally. Now I'm all tired and grouchy and they are hungry and tired, but not quite ready for bed. Recipe for disaster!

This photo just caught my eye:

I realized not long ago, that these photos are gorgeous, but they don't capture Madeline's personality.

SO, I'm hoping that a cup of coffee, then hot cocoa, then a tall glass of water will get me out of this funk. Tim gets home in an hour so life will be o.k./

P.S., just listening to that song twice, I feel so much better! I guess it's just what I needed.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Being Busy


I have been so busy. I have been able to get more hours in at work and Etsy is still doing great!

I have chosen all the Maddi and Addi Brand Reps. I am almost done with all the bows and bowties that I'm sending out. I keep getting distracted because I keep coming up with new bow designs and I'm not able to do anything but drop what I'm doing and create them. Hm.

I've been doing this Bible Study for parenting and it's been different. I have always liked taking parenting classes or reading books on parenting. I feel like it helps. This study group helps, but I definitely feel like the worst parent ever by the end of each time. I wonder if I'll ever measure up to this standard I have made for myself.

Carson is currently skating around in the family room with those little buckle skates. Ha! Too cute.

Anyway, not much to say but wanted to put something out here!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Small Tasks

Oh, what a life I live.

I feel like ever since I moved to Ohio, I have gotten sick every other week. Definitely an exaggeration, but it is what it is.

For a few hours every day these past few days, I have had an almost debilitating headache. It could be caffeine withdrawal. Eh. Hopefully it isn't another stinking sinus infection.

ALSO, and oh my, every time I get ahead with cleaning/organizing in one room, I turn around and it's trashed again. I had Carson help me the last time I tackled his room. I most definitely believe that kids should learn to clean and organize at a young age. I gave him the task of first putting his Legos in their place, then putting the shoes in the basket. The kids can handle small tasks, easy things that if done in small steps results in a clean room!

My brand rep search is almost to an end. I already have chosen two kids, but it's so hard. I want all the kids to feel special.

AND, lastly, I have been doing so many DIY crafts. I'd like to post them. You know how that goes...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh hey, I got a job

The etsy shop has had a significant increase in sales. I am thrilled. It's not enough to make a living off of yet, but it's coming along.

Right now, I'm searching for Brand Reps. That's were some lucky moms get packages for their kids in exchange for great photos, a little social networking and the like. I hope it helps the shop.

I'm going to be doing a "show" for the shop in November. I did the same one last year and met some great people there. I LOVED it. I'm hoping to make an outrageously adorable table set up, just a big tutu one. I hope I can... I'm thinking of making it from that plumbing pipe stuff. Dear goodness, I hope it doesn't look trashy.. I also hope I can make some really cute headband holders, too.


I also got a part time job. I have to say that leaving home to go to work is 100000% easier than staying home with the kids. I mean, there's work drama and all, but I don't care. I LOVE to work. We're trying to find a daycare for the kids, but that's been our biggest challenge so far; finding a sitter for those times when we both work. I only work around 10-14 hours a week, so it's not too much time away.

So, there's an update!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Unpacking My Books and Loving My Man

While unpacking my books this afternoon, I had this epiphany of sorts, a huge moment of clarity for me. One of those thought changing moments that I have to hold on to.

I was telling Tim's mom about how Tim so kindly checked out some books for me at the library. What a sweet surprise, and really, how it rarely happens. I was taking all these books out of sturdy black bags and I was noticing how so many of them were gifts. Gifts from Tim, from friends and family, strangers/acquaintances.

Books have always made me feel better!

Gosh, I remember at school, how I'd get a new book on the wooden box outside my door! Books have always been the best gifts for me. I'd get a brand new Harry Potter book right after it came out because of my great grades in high school.  Or going to the Christian book store to pick out a bible! Getting a used nook so I could read books for a little cheaper than hard backs, but there really isn't anything like a real book.

I remember earlier this year getting hooked on the Percy Jackson Series and the then series following that (with Percy in them, too). Tim brought me the next book home after work. So many of the books I have kept have been from him! How easy it is for me to take him for granted or just dismiss the great things he does for me because of tiny annoyances.

Oh, those annoyances build up but they really aren't worth the grudges or the aggravation and resulting distance in a marriage.

I am humbled. It's as simple as that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday. For us it usually means getting up before 7, packing up all those clothes and blankets we laid out for a month(a month that turned into nearly 2 months) loading up our car, waking up the kids and feeding them, getting them dressed and putting them in the car before 8 and leaving our house until 5. Trying to find new places to go to occupy our time. For the kids, it's been a real joy discovering new parks, seeing movies, spending time with friends, playing and having picnics. We've tried our darnedest each week for nearly two months letting them have fun for a full day on a *seriously* strick budget, having patience listening to them complain because they don't want to be in the car, filling with joy because we get to see them learn when we introduce new things. We get to hold hands walking around.
All for personal reasons, not to be shared publicly, of course. Stupid reasons that we should not have to deal with.
Heck, we've found out about so many places around here that are fun and free. Places I wouldn't have even thought to know about
Not today. For the first time in 2 months. We can finally just sit down. We don't have to worry about if we are going to have plans or somewhere to go. If we're going to be able to budget the gas again to travel all over Ohio to entertain our kids (I'm exaggerating because we've gone as far as 20 minutes away for the most part...). We get to sit around with our house full of packed boxes and bags, not sure where anything really is because we're too afraid to open anything and we're okay with that. We're definitely content with not unpacking because we've been packimg and unpacking for two months and we've realized we don't really need a whole lot out.
We've happily re-arranged our living space. We changed our rooms around, surrendering our master to the little ones because when you see that all of your little material possessions are in bags in the middle of your room, and your furniture is right there with it, perspective changes. Like how we could barely fit the our toddler's toys and cribs and clothes in the middle of their room but our things had ample space around them, we realized we were being a little selfish. When we realized that they needed a much bigger closet than they had (I  mean, so do we...) and Sehara needed a little bigger of a room and a smaller closet, clarity struck us!
So, it may be a little chaotic in here, we may be sitting by a wall of bags and really unsure of what to do next, but we're content sitting here.