Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Romper For Madeline

I made Madeline the cutest romper ever!

I know I've been talking about wanting to do this for a while, I FINALLY buckled down and did it. I am so pleased!
I used "vintage" fabric. I have no clue if it's really vintage or not, I know it looks really old and I got it from the Thrift Store (post) so I'm calling it vintage.

BUT, I have to say it didn't exactly turn out the way I thought. I wanted the front piece to go down further, but I wasn't sure how to do that. Madeline measures 12 inches from just a little above her armpit line to the top of her inseam. I adapted a bloomer pattern I had and made them longer(higher) so they look like high waisted bloomers. Overall, for now, I may actually stick with this pattern, because it's easy.

I put the lace ruffle there because I messed up! I didn't make the square floral piece long enough and I could tell she would be uncomfortable if I compensated with a halter strap, so I made a floral bias extender (I just made that up but I hope someone understands it) and sewed it to the square then onto the bloomers and sewed the pre-ruffled lace on top to hide it! I do like how the bloomers go up her back! Makes it a little more modest!


Also, Sehara told me it doesn't match. She's right. With the lighting, I thought the tiny little flowers were purple and thought it looked perfect with the purple bottoms, well, they are a deep blue. Whatever. The lace is white and the floral background is off-white. I'm okay with it!

This is proof that Sehara is my right hand girl! She helps with pictures and is so helpful, even if she does cast a shadow on the right side of Madeline (if you look at all her photos, you'll start to notice, I'm going to have to get something for her to hold). I don't post as much of her now because of some issues, if you're wondering.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Easy AND Healthy Lunch For 1

We eat a lot of simple foods. With eating no meat this year, it got a lot simpler. We have a steady diet of noodles, quinoa, bread, rice, and tortillas. I mean, what else is there? We don't have gluten intolerances, so that's not an issue. That's not even mentioning how many fruits and vegetables we eat, and there are a LOT.

This is such a simple lunch, heck, even dinner. I have it when I have a day off work and Tim is working:

You'll need:
Package of noodles (For gluten free, buy gluten free noodles or cook a spaghetti squash)
Dressing of your choice (we use Briana's brand, some garlic vinaigrette that has no processed sugars)

Start cooking those noodles. While they are cooking, grabbed your desired amount of spinach and roughly chop it (can be done by loosely rolling the spinach leaves like a burrito and cutting them); Add those to your bowl. Remember, spinach shrinks like nobody's business so add more if you like it!

Cut your tomatoes now! Set them aside.

When the noodles are finished, drain (this is where I take some out and put them in bowls for the kidlets and add some Italian sauce). Add noodles to your bowl, placing them on the spinach but not mixing. I put a plate on top of the bowl and tend to the kids who usually want more by then. They are quick.

The spinach should be shriveled by now! If they aren't you can wait a few more minutes or pop them in the microwave in your BPA free bowl. Add your sauce and tomatoes, mix everything up and enjoy.

If your life is anything like mine, you won't be able to eat it for about an hour, and it's perfect by then!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Three year old communication

Carson plopped this sad face down in front of me while I was working. He said he was sad because he wanted to watch Handy Manny and daddy wouldn't turn it on. ��

I love that he understands the concept of his double sided face. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maddi and Addi Bowtique Brand Enthusiast Siblings Cadyn and Dylan

When you find customers who truly love your products, are loyal and repeat buyers, then post the most fabulous photos of their babies in the headbands you've made, what do you do? Offer to make their babies brand enthusiasts! 

Brand enthusiasts get a special and awesome discount, forever, and extra goodies with every order in exchange for fabulous photos & rights to post them to help the shop. They are different from brand reps, but it's the along the same concept (brand reps get the coupon but they also get packages without purchases but they have a higher responsibility with social media, their package is like payment). 

But first, I wanted to create a special blog just for the shop, but I think right now that's too much of a commitment. For now, I'll post things on here!

Meet Cadyn & Dylan, the new & first sibling brand enthusiasts! I'll be introducing all the babies after I have chosen them, received confirmation & waivers for posting. Cadyn has to have some snacks to pose for her pretty pictures and Dylan is all smiles!!

These girls are absolutely adorable and I am so happy their mom found my shop, made that purchase and posted beautiful photos that made me want to cry a little! Ha! Here are some photos of the girls in their Maddi & Addi bows!

These girls & their mom can be found on Instagram at: @cadyn_and_dylan
Also, soon on etsy in these listings!

We're Not Perfect

Does anyone else out there get tired of hearing about how perfect we are and how we automatically deserve everything? Like we don't need to earn what we have, we shouldn't know what it takes to put in a long day and treasure the outcomes? No. We're not perfect. 

We should be confident, we should strive to achieve our goals, to humble ourselves and try to look at situations from other perspectives.

We should have small goals and larger goals and ultimate goals. We should be kind and not lash out, no matter how upset we are. We can control how we react!

Even on those days/weeks �������� where we haven't had time to take a shower for a couple of days, where we are fed up to here with our struggles (teaching my kids these same goals), having severe allergic reactions to cats, and just had to get out for 10 minutes to get a diet coke from the corner store, because 10 minutes are all you have.

Life is not perfect, and a lot of times it is just not fair. We are responsible for this part of life! We can make things happen and cause things to stop! 

So, here's to understanding we aren't perfect, we will never be! Here's to making commitments and sticking to them,  following rules and making new ones. Continually striving to better ourselves in every aspect and respecting ourselves for that! Here's to all that and more! ����

P.S. Don't mind that little chin hair glinting in the sunlight. I hear it happens when you're nearing 30! ➰��

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sleeping On The Job

If there's ever a question about why I don't get things done in a good time sometimes, here's your answer.

Yes... I'm blaming it on the baby.